disaggregate to re-aggregate

If you needed an information where do you go to?  You have two options.
1. Information Market

Some readily available information markets include the radio broadcasting, telecasting, Newspapers and internet library. The information market can provide you with entertainment, social and educative information. This market share with normal market, the tendency for original/authentic or fake/counterfeit physical items ranging from households: toothpastes, soaps, cloths to appliances like toasters, cookers among others can be bought. The reason why buyers are always told to beware.

 Plato gave a warning similar to caveat emptor when dealing with intellectually related articles, “Flagrant use of words is as a result of liberal education. But there are occasions that call for specifics”.

2. Information Bureau 

Specific information is for special need and can come in form of scientific, subject of logic, legal and legalistic. 

Investment in shares

Case briefs

Registration of companies


The only challenge with bureau or specialised information is that clients may not determinedly know the price but definitely the needs are met.


The president went of a vacation for indeterminable numbers of days, weeks or months but handed over the governance rein to his vice.

 So the actor now in the saddle swiftly issue a policy directive, Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria.  The aim is to encourage the investors to set up business in Nigeria: to fast track Incorporation process, to remove multiple taxation, accelerate VISA issuance and remove overlapping roles of the related government agencies: Immigration Dept, Federal Inland Revenue and the Corporate Affairs Commission – CAC.

John Doe has successfully obtained the Nigeria VISA within 48 hours and now direct his Nigerian promoter, Samuel to go ahead and registers the company as John Doe Nigeria Limited with the CAC.

On 27th February Samuel heard over a radio programmes when the presenter said, Easy of Doing Business – you do not need a lawyer before you register your company”. A co-reporter interject, “it is only registration of business name that you don’t need a lawyer. For incorporation of a company the Companies and Allied Matter Act -CAMA stipulates that you needed a lawyer”.

Both presenters have added to Samuel’s problem because the information they have just aired are both redundant, incomplete and misleading.

Expert’s Nuggets

*Samuel  needed to know the difference between registration of business name and Incorporation of John Doe Nigeria Limited. 

*Samuel need to know that only one of the three experts: a lawyer,or a chartered accountant, or a chartered secretary and administrator is required to file in application at the  CAC. and as CAMA 1990 expressly stated.

*If you have issue with registration your company like Samuel I am willing to help you.


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( A Case Study of $2.1billon Arms Scandal)

Imagine that as you are typing the word Nigeria on a search engine like Google and the word corruption pooped up next to it. The pairing of these two words is not because Nigeria is the first name of the country or is the word corruption her surname. No! It is the frequency, the numbers of time it turns out from, our language reservoir, in speaking and in writing.

Since the Acts of corruption has not stop the audience will not stop yelling at the preformance of the actors: dead like Abacha yet his evil lives after him. $30 million has just been recovered from his loots of a decade and half; like DasukiGate  ón gbóná fęli-fęĺi (firenardo-hurricane of fire).

Firenardo and Dasukinardo

Dasukinardo is the hurricane of corruption of $2.1billon magnitude with an unstoppable kidnapping of 260 Chibok girls  in one fell sweep, ransacked entirity  of Baga in less than three hours and smashed Nigeria map at the NE (may it be straighten).
Dasuki is under investigation and the revelation is still revealing: including, Dokpesi, Olisa  Mehtu, Jafaru Isa N170M. Jim Nwobodo N100M , Olu Falae N100M – It is still revealing.. We know Jim who willed the two generators of the National Stadium to himself. Old thief never dies. Et tu Olu Falae! pseudo-progressive who as long as he lives will see Nigeria posterity living in utter austerity.

The recovery of the loots is going on but little detail is know about the methods of recovery and the cost and benefit of the recovery. Recovery is a process to get back the what may be left of the looted funds. For instance N1 was stollen and the thief was caught days later after he has spent 60 kobo. The 60 kobo can be recovered if not hidden in the wood. Also those who ran after them, EFCC will fuel cars and pay salaries.  For simplicity sake say, all incidental cost is 10 kobo. Then the net recovery amount is 30 kobo.

If all we do is to allow looting take place and afterwards go to recover back 30% of what has been stollen. Then we have not gained anything. Know too well that – not in all cases can all the stollen money be recovered. That something still comes from Abacha loot is sheer providence or  the benevolence from the Switzerland government and not from effort from the recovery experts.

Good Money Chasing the Bad Money
There ar hardened thieves that will not yield to investigators plea and nothing can be recovered from them because they have not seen the thief of old go to jail. So in many cases we might be wasting another x amount of our resources to chase these unrepentant looters. We may be using good money to chase the bad money.

The Rule of Law Advocates
The emphasis should be that the government’s should be dogged in fighting corruption not minding the distractions and name calling.
Dasuki should  also be charged for genocide in the North East, Nigeria for denied the army the necessary fund to buy arms to fight the insurgents. For exposing the Nigeria soldiers the danger of the  better armed Boko Haram. If the right to life of many Nigerian has been ended by the implications of Dasuki’s action. What conscience do theese advocate of ignorance have to continue to insist that Dasuki has the right to go to court at his own will of face charges at his own volition. Then what his supporters are demanding is the rule of flaw and not the rule of law.

Lawyers and laymen must be thinkers to know that rule of law is a legal process without prejudice to the moral progress of any nation. The effectiness of the anticorruption war lies in Justice and deterrent.

“To conquer oneself is the best and noblest victory; to be vanquished by one’s own nature is the worst and most ignoble defeat”, Plato’s quotes.
Man know thyself, lest ye wreck thyself”, says the inscription at Delphi.
In the ancient Athens, the Delphi is the final recourse of all enquiries. As it were, the custodian of wisdom. 
So in this short exposition will make two references to three statements that came from Delphi to two separate individuals viz a viz the forces of thier battles.
The first  two statements to be considered is the Delphi response to the enquiries of Oedipus in ‘Oedipus Rex’ or ‘Adewale, in the God’s Are Not To  Blame’ – the later is an adaptation of the former.
For the avoidance of the ‘impending’ tragedy, Delphi handed over a warnings to Oedipus. Oedipus was passionate about the warning but ignored the inscription on the wall. A patient hasty to be healed but sticked to drugs without prescription.
“Man know thyself, lest ye wreck thyself”. At the time the second statement for Oedipus will arrived the deed had already been done. In his regret he muttered, ” what a web has the fate weaved for me”.
Oedipus case was an unimaginable tragedy. In his sorrowful and suffused state he plucked off his two eyes.
Self  discovery is the fundamental law of true self.  The third statement is in reference to the Delphi commedation of Socrates.  When Socrates received the statement  fron the Delphi  that he Socrates is the wisest of all men in  Athens, to Socrates the statement was  like spam in his mail box as though deleting it to avoid the virus taking over his person. “Back to the sender!” He went straight to Delphi to tell it that it was presumably presumptuous. “Words ever heard from  me are people’s response to my inquiries”. “These words are not mine”.And Socrates concluded, “a man can only be  wise to the extent where he knows his own ignorance”.
There goes two different reactions to the same Delphi. .
Knowing self is to ask self these two questions. “Who am I?’ and ‘ Am I the same person years ago?” Go ahead to answer it.  The compare the two answers.
What’s responsible for the change? Does the catalyst draw out your soul. Are you happy about it and love it too?
As the mind gravitates about the past there might have been instances of shallowness or even that spiritual emptiness for which no other person can be blamed.
The words of Shakespeare summed up the two stories thus, “Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings”.


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